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Dear Friends and Prayer Partners of F.A.W. Ministries,Throughout my life, the privilege of serving others has defined the very fabric of my identity – a deeply imbedded commitment inherited from the long-standing example of my family lineage. As history will reflect, the call to public service through the Gospel witness cannot be answered by the exercise of ambition alone but by the profound movement of human compassion for the critical condition of mankind prevailed upon by the challenges connected with taking relevant action.Now in one of its finest hours, the Church of God in Christ – with a vibrant and flourishing presence on every continent – is impacting lives with the spiritual fervor indicative of the principles upon which it was founded at the opening of the previous century. The recent succession of my ecclesiastical career to the Office of the Bishopric at the hands of the Chief Apostle, Bishop Charles E. Blake and the General Board, remains a most humbling moment for me within this extraordinary worldwide body as well as among my multi-denominational circle of colleagues far and near.With my sincerest appreciation for your overwhelming outpour of congratulatory messages from literally across the entire country, please know that your thoughtfulness has reached me in a very personal and memorable way. Such a sincere and abundant influx of well-wishes shall remain in my heart an uplifting and encouraging testament to the magnificent expression of God’s love through His people.Again, I thank each of you for your tremendous kindness and solicit the continued partnership of your prayers.BISHOP FRANK ANTHONE WHITE